15 Best Surprising Quotes About Love

15 Best Surprising Quotes About Love

Best love quotes with some interesting facts.

These are facts universally accepted as truth about love and emotions. Remember  people will always question the good  things they hear about you. And believe  the bad things without a second thought.  If two former lovers can remain just  friends.

It's either they are still in  love or they never were. 90% of what you  think alters and controls your overall  mood each day. It only takes one negative  thought to ruin your mood. No one is ever  busy in his or her life. It's all about  priorities.

Tears don't come when you  miss someone they come when you don't  want to miss someone. Spending a large  amount of time with someone literally  causes you to pick up their habits.  Choose your friends carefully. 

15 surprising quotes about love you might not know.

No.1, If a man or women meet themselves in a risky, or dangerous setting, they tend to fall in love with each other, than if they meet in a normal setting.
No.2, Love warms up your body.
No.3, When two people that are in love stare into their eyes, their heart rate synchronizes.
No.4, When you hold hands with the one you love, it reduces physical pain, fear and stress.
No.5, Falling in love has nearly the same neurological effects, as a hard d high.
No.6, When two strangers of opposite sex look into each other’s eyes, maintain eye contact, and talk to each other, they can fall in love.
No.7, falling in love increases the level of a hormone, that boosts memory fueling the growth of new brain cells.
No.8, Looking at a picture of your important romantic interest, can reduce physical pain.
No.9, For long term relationships, an attractive face is preferred over an attractive body.
No.10, Literally, love can make you crazy.
No.11, Research shows that humans tend to fall in love, with somebody that looks like ourselves. 
No.12, The love between a mother and a child and romantic love, ration a similar chemical connection.
No.13, Your nerve cells works better during the first year of love.
No.14, Making eye contact is a key gateway for love.
No.15, Love fortifies the connection between your brain and your heart, making you healthier. Decades of research show that people who are more socially connected live longer and healthier lives. Yet precisely how social ties affect health has remained one of the great mysteries of science .
15 Best Surprising Quotes About Love:- One of the hardest tasks for the human  mind is convincing yourself that you no  longer care. Having at least one lazy day  per week can help reduce stress, lower  blood pressure, and avoid strokes. Love  doesn't start in the morning and end at  night. It starts when you don't need and  ends when you need it the most! People  who left are able to tolerate pain  better both physical and emotional.