How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date?

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Welcome to Quotes Dude! Getting a date is the primary goal of initial communication with a girl you're interested in. It is always the man's responsibility to get this done. Asking for a date over text doesn't have to be that intimidating if you know when to ask and how to ask.

When to ask?

The best time to ask for a date is within the first few texts. Whether you met the girl at a party or searching through profiles on a dating site, the quicker you ask, the less likely you are to becoming her texting buddy. Let the girl know you're serious about dating her by proposing a time to meet at location of your choice the same day or at least the next day.

How to ask a girl on a date?

Asking a girl you're interested in out on a date has to come off naturally. It should also come off with some kind of originality and a bit lighthearted. You want to be confident but not stiff when asking. The request also has to flow cohesively from your previous text messages to her. A really good example of this:

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  • First text: You: Having an heluva time pissing off monkeys at the zoo.
  • Second text: You: I hope your day is just as bananas.
  • Girl texts back: I'm so scared of monkeys. Almost as much as I am of clowns.
  • Third text: You: Ok, then I won't ask you to come to the circus with me. How about we catch a Yankee game tonight instead?
This conversation started off innocently. I told her I was having a good time at the zoo. This will show a girl you are interesting, plus, girls dig guys who love animals. The second text shows her you have interest in her and tries to make a connection. Now she knows I'm interested in her day and hopes it was as fun as mine. I'll wait for a response to the second text before asking her for a date in the third response. This time, she tells me about her Coulrophobia and I use that to my advantage by telling her she'll be safe from clowns during our date.

Works every time.

So to recap, keep it natural. Don't be too aggressive or you risk looking needy and always propose a place and time that you want to meet. Girls who are worth going out with don't like indecisive guys who waste their time. Good luck.