How To Move On After Breakup? » Tips By Vishal Jaiswal

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Hi! This is Vishal Jaiswal. Here, I am sharing some tips to move on after breakup. Well, relationship breakup happens to all of us. We have to deal with breakups, divorces, losing our loved ones. 

Sometimes a breakup might be good. If we were in a toxic relationship we would be very grateful a breakup happened. And some times a breakup is bad. That happens when we break up from people whom we still love.

How to move on after a bad breakup is the title of this article. And I know because I have gone through a bad breakup once. I felt like my life has stopped and I can not live my life and move on after that. Until I was given some tips, support and encouraging from real friends.

Now I realize that without the real help from real friends. I could not move on after the bad breakup. Thus I want to be your friend and I want you to accept my advice here; because I want to help you move on and live your life after you had tasted the bitterness of this bad breakup.

I know you will suffer. And that you will feel unable to do all these things. But I want you to try to do the most important things. These tips will help you minimize the post-breakup trauma only if you do something on the ground.
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Tips to move on after relationship breakup

Accept the breakup:  You need to realize that the breakup is a fact in your life. Some people go through denial and they can not accept the breakup. The first thing you have to do is to accept the breakup and be ready to accept the resulting responsibility.

Make advantage from your experience: Reminisce about what happened in your relationship with your ex. Take lessons and learn what was wrong and what was good.

Steer clear from blaming yourself: There is a fine line between learning about your mistakes and blaming yourself on them. There is a difference between owning a gun and pointing it to your head and pulling the trigger.

Do not rethink about your last conversations with your ex: It is normal that people who had recently broken up with their exes to remember their last conversation. Wondering what will happen if they had said or done something different. Do not do that. What had happened is happened and you do not own a time machine to go backwards in the time to change it. Look forward to your future.
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Stay away from your ex: This mean you will not go to places where your ex is hanging around. Do not text, e-mail, call, or leave messages to your ex. If you have something that belong to your ex in your place. Ask him/her to come and take it. Or just pack these things and put them in the attic.

Write your feelings: It is soothing to write about how you feel about the breakup and how you are dealing day by day. This might be difficult at first but you will find that it will heal you and help you to pour your emotions on the paper. You can also share them on the net if you used a pen name.

Reconnect with old friends: Find positive friends and ask them to be your mentors and advisors. You want that kind of friends who will help you in your decisions. Not the ones who will keep blaming you on the breakup or on choosing your partner. You want friends who will encourage you; you do not want those friends who will make you feel guilty, silly and unloved.

Work hard: Nothing will make you busy than focusing on your work. Put a new target like getting a raise, a promotion or to satisfy your customers.

Do not escape from facing the truth: The breakup is a tough thing that happened in your life. When you face the breakup you might want to eat unhealthy food, sit all the day watching anything on TV, drink alcohol or take drugs. These are temporary solutions that will not help you solve the problem. You can not solve a problem by escaping from the consequences. You have to face them bravely.

Find a room for the change in your life: Organize your office from all the unnecessary papers. Clean out your place and closets. Get that gym subscription you need. Get a new outfit, a new haircut.

Get out of the house: Go with your friend to a nearby mountain. Go play beach volleyball with new friends. Hang out in different places. See new people. Invite your mother to a dinner in a fancy restaurant. Try voluntary work. Help needy people. The list is endless and you will feel high self esteem, respect and confidence.

Take advice from the experts: Try counseling if all these things did not work in your case. Counselors are trained to deal with the toughest situations and they have the knowledge and experience. Just relax and be honest with your counselor to get the desired results. There is no shame in going to counselors. You can know how to move on after a bad breakup if you followed your counselor's advice.