Some Quotes on Friends and Love By Vishal Jaiswal

best love friend quotes by vishal jaiswal.
Love quotes by Vishal Jaiswal
Friendship is a word that has great importance in our life. Life without a friend and love seem like an incomplete human being. Without a friend we can never enjoy our life properly because whenever we want to roam somewhere. Or we want to enjoy somewhere, at that time we always need a friend, so the importance of a friend will always be the highest in our life. 

Importance of friends and love:-

You can understand the lack of it in a good way, there are some people who do not understand the importance of a friend, it is very difficult to find a true friend in today's time. But it is also a good thing to have a normal friend. This helps you in times of fluctuations in your life.

Love and friends quotes by Vishal Jaiswal:-

When friendship falls in love, that friendship does not remain friendship for long.
~ Vishal Jaiswal
A person who sees money and fame in love, there comes a time when he/she is in love, but by then it is too late. ~ Vishal Jaiswal
Love does not mean to follow him/her all the time. Apart from love, you have many responsibilities in your life, which you should understand. ~ Vishal Jaiswal
If the person you love, if he does not love you, then try to convince him for a time, and keep in mind that while explaining it to him/her, do not lose your self-respect. ~ Vishal Jaiswal
The love of looks does not last long, it has to end one day. ~ Vishal Jaiswal 
There was no truth in the hand of your friendship, so in my love you could see a flaw. ~ Vishal Jaiswal 
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