Happy Mother's Day Quotes, Images & Wishes [2023]

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Happy Mother's Day Quotes, Images & Wishes [2020]

History of Mother's Day

We’ve been celebrating moms for thousands of years.
Yet, the origin of the day that belongs to mom actually come hundreds of years later.

Philadelphia, 1876. Social activist Ann Jarvis is praying for someone to honor moms during a Sunday school lesson.

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Her young daughter, Anna Marie takes note.

She cares for her mother as the years pass by.

On May 8, 1907, Ann passes away following heart issues.

Anna is devastated but resolves to make her mother’s dream of a day for moms come true.

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Three years pass. 1908, Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church.

Grafton, West Virginia.

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Following two ceremonies honoring the anniversary of her mother’s passing in the preceding years, Anna organizes the first official observance of Mother’s Day on May 10, 1908.

The church where her mother worked holds a memorial for her mother and all mothers worldwide.

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Hundreds attend, but Anna doesn’t.

Instead, she sends 500 white carnation flowers to all guests, as well as a telegram describing how significant the day was.

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Six years pass and Anna continues her campaign for a national holiday.

1914. The White House. Washington D.C.

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Then U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signs the legislation into law on May 9, 1914, officially recognizing Mother’s Day as a national holiday.

The first national Mother’s Day was held on May 10, 1914.

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And with that Anna fulfilled her mother’s answered her mother’s prayers.

Mother’s Day soon went viral.

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It spread around the world, with many countries adopting it.

But as the years went on, Big Business saw the holiday as a chance for big returns and seized upon it.

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Anna intended for the day to be celebrated with mothers and families while wearing white carnations.

Soon, however, Mother’s day became saturated with flowers, candy, cards, and other gifts.

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Anna was 50 when the day was made a national holiday, but spent her twilight years raging at the corporate machine that had monetized her mother’s dream.

From protests and lawsuits to arrests for public disturbances, Anna’s later life was fraught with difficulty.

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She even tried to get the government to drop the holiday completely.

And by 1948, she washed her hands of it and completely disavowed of Mother’s Day altogether.

She died later that year in a sanitarium, aged 84.

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Anna never married, nor did she have any children.

All she had was a dream and a prayer from her mom.

That dream lives on, albeit not as she originally intended, and is still celebrated each year in the U.S. and around the world.

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Commercialization ruined the dream for Anna, but w reckon the sentiment behind Mother’s

Day very much lives on.

“To the best mother who ever lived … Yours.”

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