Focus on Strengths or Weaknesses [Complete Information]

Focus on Strengths or Weaknesses

Often our life asks us a question, whose answer we believe, is easy and obvious. However, in my opinion, it is neither easy nor obvious. And the question is Shall we work on our strengths in our life? Or on our weaknesses? 

How to use your strengths?

Should we work on attributes that we’re good at, or work on attributes where we lack something? If you’re an engineering student and you’re weak in Maths, then should you work on Maths, or on those subjects that you’re good at?

If you’re a Commerce student and you’re weak in accounts, then should you focus on accounts or on economics – that you are good at? If you’re a singer and you can’t sing in high pitch, then should you focus on getting better at it or on the medium or low pitch – that you’re good at?

So on and so forth. A simple answer that usually comes up, is we shall always be focusing on our weaknesses. And in my opinion, this answer is totally wrong. Let’s understand why! Let’s assume you’re good at something. And every human being is good at something.

Working with your strengths.

Some are good in math, some in science, some in economics some are good at studies in general. Some people are good singers, good writers, good dancers, good at making friends, good speakers, good salespeople, good marketers.

Every single human being is good at something or the other. And as per those standards, not good at something else or a lot of things. So the thing that you're good at, if you’d focus on that, then, in my opinion, you’d be able to go further ahead. Why? You’d be good at those things only when you are better than others at doing that.

How to find your strengths?

You are good at that because doing that thing brings you joy. You are good at that thing because in doing that thing, you don’t have to “work hard” rather it’s an excitement doing it. So the more you’ll do that thing, the more you’d keep on getting better at it.

And it is quite possible that while continuing to do good at that one thing, while working at it, while continuing to work hard at it, you end up getting ahead of a lot of people.

What about the role excites you and motivated you to apply?

However, the subject where you lack something, the subject where you are not good at – there you’re already lagging behind others. In that thing, you have already witnessed a lot of people going way ahead.

If you start from there, if you start from being already behind a lot of people, then no matter how much you fight or try-hard, maybe you’d just be able to inch closer to others.

However, to go ahead of them, will be an extremely difficult feat. So it’s quite obvious that you should focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses, However, if I’d answer this question this way then people would say this was a foolish question begetting a foolish answer because, in reality, it doesn’t happen like this.

No motivation to do anything.

If I want to be an engineer and I’m not good at maths and science, then you’re giving me a useless suggestion to not to focus on that, and focus on what I’m good at instead which could be singing, could be commerce stream, could be anything – other than engineering.

Career selection and motivation.

If I’m a dancer and I’m not good at Bollywood dancing, so you’re trying to tell me not to focus on Bollywood dancing, rather focus on what you’re good at. However I work in Bollywood, I’ll have to be good at Bollywood dancing. I don't have a choice.

What I’m doing right now, in order to do it well, I’ll have to do this thing very well Hence, comes another twist, which is Have you led your life as per your strengths, or did you choose something else and figured out what strengths that field needs and moved accordingly? I'll repeat this.

Career motivation bright network.

Have you constructed your life on the basis of your strengths, or you chose something and then asked what all are needed to be successful here, to win here to move further here, what all does one need, and I will have to become good at all that. Because if you’ve chosen Option B the one where you have chosen your profession, industry, job, function, you've chosen it all. and then asked, that in order to excel in this field, what all skills do I need?

Career goals and motivation examples.

And am I good at them? When you do so, then you’ve already created a boundary, a condition, a constraint around yourself. You didn’t ask yourself what you’re good at, rather you asked yourself that in order to excel in this profession, what all do you need? And if to do this job and to do it well, I need A, B, C, and I have only one of them, then naturally either I’d not be able to do this job well or I’ll have to work hard at the other two things to excel at them as well.

However, if those two things were your weaknesses, were things that you are not good at then will you ever be able to really excel at those? Will you be able to propel yourself ahead of others in those fields? Probably the answer is no.

The motivation for career choice.

Probably the answer is quite clear that no matter how much you try, you will just be able to come along others, however never be able to exceed them So, friends, the first way of living life is adopted by very few people. However, the ones who do so, suddenly their strengths end up becoming their superpowers.

Career strength and weakness | Career strengths Assessment

Because they don’t ask that is in this profession, in this company what all is required for me to excel here they rather ask the question that what I’m good at, what are my strengths? 

And if they are my strengths, if that’s something I enjoy doing because of which I can move ahead of other people then can I live my entire life with my strengths? What can I do because of my strengths? Where can my strengths help me to get ahead in life? 

Focus on strengths and manage weaknesses.

Where my strengths could be put to use? Because if I’d sculpt and create my life basis my strengths, give it form, build it, then I’ll always get ahead of a lot of people, I’ll always be ahead of a lot of people.

Because I’d be pursuing that I’m good at, I’d be doing something which doesn’t seem like work to me, doing which I don’t face any difficulty, nor do I ever feel lazy doing it. Every single day, I do those things with the same excitement and I’m good at those things.

An example is me. I know that by working hard for twenty years, and rather since school days I was good at speaking or I wanted to be good at speaking. 

Counselling includes a focus on personal strengths and development.

And I had it in myself because of which I could speak well, create stories, connect well with people – and at every stage of my life I always asked me where I could use this art of storytelling, this communication skill and that is where I sculpted and directed my life.

Because I wanted to live my life on the basis of my strengths, not on the basis of my weaknesses. I have a lot of weaknesses. I cannot do a lot of things. However, I haven’t created my life on the basis of my weaknesses.

Focus groups strengths and limitations.

I never imposed my life on any industry or a company by asking myself, whether I had the strengths to excel there. I rather asked myself what I am good at, what I could do very well, and if I could do those things well, then what all opportunities could be there for me?

Focus on strengths and manage weaknesses.

These videos that I produce, this content that I create that is dependent on my strengths. Doing these videos does not get me lazy. I don’t tell myself, “o, shit, I’ll have to make another video, will have to speak something, till when will this last, why am I doing it?

Rather I create these videos every week with the same level of enthusiasm, talk with you all, tell you my stories, because I I have this strength that I can do good at it, I have the art that I can connect with you people, I have the courage to never feel scared about speaking anything.

Should you focus on strengths or weaknesses?

What others will think of me, does not affect me. I want to be doing what I am good at, doing what makes me happy. And if you will mould your life in the same manner, if you’ll ask yourself this question at every point of time, that what am I good at, what I am happy doing, what I want to be doing, and because of that, what all I can do, your life would never be a pressure life for you or a stressful life for you, or a life where you’d feel you’re dragging yourself or daily pulling yourself out of your bed, saying to live one more day.

This question about focusing on your strengths or your weaknesses is a very simple question. You should focus only on your strengths. Because till the time you will focus on your strengths, you will be ahead of people. You will do everything that you want to do, naturally.

However, if you ask yourself after reaching a certain place, what is required by you to excel there, and do I have it, then it is quite clear you haven’t left yourself with a choice.

Focus on Strengths or Weaknesses in your life.

You have put yourself in a position, and now to excel in that position, what all is required by you, you will have to do it. Whether you’re good at it or not. Whether you feel joy doing it or not.

Another way is to ask yourself what am I good at, what are my strengths; and because of those strengths where I can go in my life and what all can I do? And if you chose that direction, that path in life, then never in your life would you have to answer the question of whether you should work on your strengths or your weaknesses. Thank you