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Spartans, also known as SPARTAN Programs, are a group of United Nations Space Command initiatives aimed at developing physically, genetically, technologically, and cognitively superior supersoldiers for use as elite fighting forces. Although the term "SPARTAN" is spelled in all capital letters when used in a formal setting to refer to the programmes, it is not an acronym; the supersoldiers are simply known as "Spartans."

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Spartans are depicted as human beings in all forms of Halo literature. They are not ordinary humans, though, because they were exposed to experiments as youngsters in order to be stronger, quicker, and smarter than any other human being.

Dr Catherine Halsey

She created the Master Chief, who is a member of an elite cadre of Spartans that wear formidable Mjolnir exo-armour. When players first entered the world of Halo in 2001's Xbox game, it was evident that the Spartan they were controlling was a top-tier warrior. Standard UNSC infantry was damaged by Covenant plasma fire, but the Master Chief's armour was unharmed, and he was strong enough to wrestle with Elites in hand-to-hand combat, even seizing their shimmering energy swords. The Master Chief was a formidable opponent.
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In the canonical Halo chronology, the Spartans really precede the Human-Covenant War. The games and tie-ins take place in a cosmos where mankind has spread throughout the stars, with Earth as the centre of a vast galactic empire. Many of the colonists that relocated far from Earth did so to establish a new way of life, but as a result, Earth's dominance was increasingly challenged by a rising Insurrectionist movement. 
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The United Nations Space Command (UNSC) approved a covert - and completely illegal - black operations project to develop Spartans, super-soldiers who would serve as the ultimate weapon against the Covenant. Dr Catherine Halsey, one of humanity's best scientists, was the genius behind this.