Funny iPhone Memes (Latest) 2022

There's something about iPhone memes that just gets us. They're funny, relatable, and sometimes even clever. And we can't get enough of them. If you're looking for a good laugh or just a way to procrastinate, scroll through these iPhone memes. They're sure to make your day.

Friendship is a beautiful thing, and sometimes, it can be hilarious. Here are some funny memes about life and friendship that will make you chuckle.

1. "I'm not saying I don't like you, I'm just saying I don't like you."

3. "I don't need friends, I have books."

4. "I don't care if you're sick, I'm not going to visit you in the hospital."

5. "I don't need friends, I have Netflix."

6. "I don't need friends, I have my cat."

7. "I don't care if you're sad, I'm not going to listen to you."

8. "I don't care if you're in a relationship, I'm still going to hit on you."

9. "I don't care if you're happy, I'm still going to complain."

10. "I don't care if you're having a bad day, I'm still going to make things worse.